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Corky and the Alaskan Bears


Your Alaskan bear experiences just might provide you with stories like Corky's!

Have you ever been face-to-face with a real grizzly?

What can you do about the upset black bear that completely trashed your storage shed?

What's it like to be followed by a very curious giant grown bear, or was it a grizzly bear?

How about being so close to a big brownie that you could have touched it?

Could you, or should you, help a crippled black bear cub cross a road? So what if the upset Momma is a few feet away in the brush and is clacking her teeth?

Join Alaska Bush pilots, Corky and Mark, as they hear these stories and more from their Alaskan friends.

The events have occurred and the people are composites of people I've known. Remember that there isn't any sex, cussing, or violence in this book or my other books!

And they can be read in any order!

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Corky Bears cover 08182016  copy.jpg