About the author Bill Richardson and the Alaskan Adventure Series.

I have been an Alaskan for over 50 years with a few of them during the Territorial period!

My love and experiences of the Alaskan out-of-doors as a single-engine private pilot; an Alaska survival instructor; a public and private school teacher; a businessman, a USN Search and Rescue navigator in the Aleutian Islands; a fisherman; a sailor, a fisheries technician; and much more, are the basis for my books!

The first book depicted a survival situation resulting from an aircraft accident that was so successful in its descriptions on how to survive, that the book is now being used as a guide for pilots, hikers, hunters and for anyone venturing into an outdoor situation. The story has excited senior readers down to the very young folks.

Soon there was a request for another book and the series was born!

Even though it is a series of books you can start reading any one of them and soon you'll want to know what is in the other books!

The stories have true Alaskan facts with a list of intriguing fictional characters created by people I have known, or knew about from my many experiences and from experiences others have told me about.

I now live in Anchor Point, Alaska in a home I built primarily from reclaimed materials.

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