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Reviews: Book 4  "Corky and the Alaskan Gold Digger, A Suspense Novel".

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5 STARS J. Steele "This fourth book of Corky Corcoran’s adventurers is a great continuation of Corky's exploits as a Bush pilot, one of Alaska's most dangerous professions.  Author, Bill Richardson, a former pilot himself, emphasizes safety procedures when he writes about each trip Corky flies.  Because of this attention to detail not only with her airplanes but in her personal relationships Corky has a successful business and warm and loving friendships and family.
    This fourth book starts right off just hours after the great Alaskan earthquake.  The remoteness of most of Alaska is the reason Bush pilots are necessary in this vast state.  Corky and her team fly in supplies and fly out with people needing medical attention, or some other service.  Corky flies a search and rescue with a blizzard roaring down from the north.  During all of this she is planning how she is going to utilize the gold claims she inherited and how to incorporate her good friends in this endeavor.
    This is a fun book to read with authentic people including the colorful Old Believers, a sect of the Russian Orthodox Church. There is fantastic descriptive scenery.
    For me, I love reading about Homer during the early 1960's.
    Bill Richardson’s books evoke Alaska's beauty, the generosity of the people who live there, and the exciting adventurers that can take your breath away."

5 STARS Duane B. Perk “This book is done in great manner. It moves at a great pace and does not have any sort that goes slow. I liked it very much. And what's great is I went to Homer High School at the same time as the author. That always seem very great to have a high school friend who has done a great job! Makes me feel great, so enjoy the book. I think it is an all time great. Thank you.” Duane B Perk (Skip)

5 STARS R. Haye: “Fascinating reading and it was non-stop! I remember the earthquake all too well as I lived in Anchorage then. The ground shook and shook for days on end. My family was involved with the HAM radio operators and it was nice to see how Bill mentioned their valuable contribution. If someone wants to know what Alaska was like during that time this book describes our lives well. And yes, people did help people!"..R. H.


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Reviews: Book 3  "Corky and the Alaskan Quake, An Alaskan Adventure Suspense Novel"

5 STARS Duane B. Perk: “This is a great story is keeps you in the story all the way . great way Bill put it together. I went to high school with Bill and never new I was going to know a great author like this. I have thought all 3 books were some of the best I have read don't miss out this and the others are great stories to read. the story fits right in with the earth quake in 1964 so don't miss it well worth the time."

5 STARS Peggy Falknor: "This is a great read. It is full of adventure and suspense and the reader gets an in-depth look at the challenges of being a bush pilot and the incredibly complex skills demanded of the job. Corky is a master of it all. She is calm, cool, humorous, hard working and a lovable character, not only in this book but in the first two as well. Having visited Homer and the surrounding areas make it a treasure to read. I eagerly await the fourth book!"


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Reviews: Book 2  "Corky and the Alaskan Oldtimer, An Alaskan Adventure Mystery Novel"

5 STARS Anonymous: "Having read "Corky's Courage, An Alaskan Adventure", this sequel is also a Great Read. The author introduces each new character and then smoothly interweaves them into this riveting story. This book gives the reader an excellent opportunity to begin to understand the beauty and challenges of living in Alaska, the culture of the native people, the wildlife, birds and fish and what it means to be a bush pilot. It is a well paced page turner by a gifted writer. This should be required reading for everyone visiting Alaska."    

5 STARS Duane B. Perk: "This is a great story it is written in a great way the story moves at a real fast pace and you seem like you are in the story. you learn about people in ways that let get to know the old timer in ways that are great
don't pass this one up it is a super writing and Bill Richardson has produced in all of his books that I have read would not won't to miss any as thy are a great read enjoy it."


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Reviews: Book 1  "Corky's Courage, An Alaskan Adventure"

5 STARS Anonymous: "This book is a captivating page turner which I finished in one day because I could not put it down. The author details in-depth knowledge of being a bush pilot and all of its challenges including emergency medical care and keeping a cool head when faced with a disaster. Flight Simulator provided me with a great opportunity to fly over all the areas described in the book on my computer. What's in the box that Mark has with Corky's name on it? Are Corky and Mark in love? Bill Richardson is a gifted writer. I can't wait to read the sequel."

5 STARS Anonymous: "This is a fast paced page turner. A must read for anyone interested in Alaska. Follow up with the sequel, Corky and the Alaskan Oldtimer."

5 STARS Duane B. Perk: "This is one of the best books I have ever read. It moves forward at a great pace I liked the way it was done. It seems totally real, and makes you feel like you are part of the story. I have already read it twice and I would suggest it to any level of person because there are nothing bad what so ever. I like it so I hope this helps you decide to read it. Wild Bill Richardson is a great writer."

5 STARS Jenny Stepper: "I have been reading Corky's Courage with my 9 year old grandson and we have been enjoying every minute. We are anxious to finish the book and see how it all turns out. This has really helped his reading skills and made him excited to read. Looking forward to more books from Bill Richardson."

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