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©Bill’s Alaska Picture Pack”!

This is a 26-photo plastic album of 4” x 6” unique Alaskan photos!

Everyone who has seen these pictures has smiled, laughed, and or giggled!

“What an enjoyable photo album!” M. J.

“I didn’t know there was a fish hatchery in Anchorage with a huge steel fish out front! Thanks for the picture!” J. H.

“What a kick! Most Alaskans, much less the visitors, don’t see what your pictures show!” B. B.

“I wonder if the goat found his other horn! Funny!” B. G.

And it’s just in time for your Christmas order!

I’ll be at the Anchorage Museum Fund Raiser, Nov. 29th and 30th, 2019 with this fun item!

Want to know my smoked salmon recipe? Just email me at billofalaska@hotmail.com. ps: Your email address is ONLY used by me.

Where did the summer go?

Cooler weather, more rain, moose with antlers, fat Spruce Grouse, flocks of birds headed south,.. yup, our Fall has arrived!

If you don’t see these books in your favorite book, gift or general merchandise store, ask for them to be ordered for you, or order them yourself from this website!

Share a wonderful journey with these stories based on my 50+ years of Alaskan adventures!

The oldest reader is a 92 year old man, and the youngest is a 6 year old girl!

These stories do not have any violence, sex, or cussing in them!

Happy Reading!

Will more books become available?

You betcha!  Keep checking this website for updated news!

 And there are new pictures in the slideshow so just keep scrolling down!

The Alaskan information is accurate!

 Here’s a great review: "Rating: 5 out of 5. I have just finished reading the first four books in the Alaskan Adventure Series which took me aprox. 2 weeks because it was hard to put them down. I did not read them in order and although Bill will tell you can read them in any order, this reader would recommend reading them in series. The reader then experiences the development from book to book and character development as well as plot. There are any number of added plots along the way which makes this series very enjoyable reading. My favorite book was number 2, Corky and the Alaskan Old Timer, for a number of reasons, but all are worth reading and I look forward to reading his latest Corky and the Alaskan Bears. Enjoy your reading." G. Lockwood

Follow Corky Corcoran, a female Bush pilot, who travels throughout the Last Frontier in small planes, and any other way she can! Have you ever tasted smoked Pike? Been followed by a bear? Watched a powerful river pour through the landscape? Felt an earthquake? Survived a plane crash? What is life like in the Bush of Alaska? Read on and enjoy the magnificent beauty and excitement of Alaska living!

And here is Book 5:

"Corky and the Alaskan Bears"!

Corky and the Alaskan Bears

Your Alaskan bear experiences just might provide you with stories like Corky's!

Have you ever been face-to-face with a real grizzly?

What can you do about the upset black bear that completely trashed your storage shed?

What's it like to be followed by a very curious giant grown bear, or was it a grizzly bear?

How about being so close to a big brownie that you could have touched it?

Could you, or should you, help a crippled black bear cub cross a road? So what if the upset Momma is a few feet away in the brush and is clacking her teeth?

Join Alaska Bush pilots, Corky and Mark, as they hear these stories and more from their Alaskan friends.

The events have occurred and the people are composites of people I've known. Remember that there isn't any sex, cussing, or violence in this book or my other books!

And they can be read in any order!

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Corky's Courage, An Alaskan Adventure, A Survival Story

Corky and Mark are enjoying a scenic flight over Alaska's rugged North Pacific coast line in a small plane that suddenly crashes!

While being trapped inside of the wreckage, she has to make quick life or death decisions to escape from another possible disaster.

Corky's positive attitude and survival skills are essential for them to survive through the sudden rough weather.

What's in the little box with her name tag that she found in Mark's pack?

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Reviews for Book 1: “Corky’s Courage, An Alaskan Adventure”

Corky and the Alaskan Oldtimer, A Mystery Novel

Corky is trying to unravel the mystery of Nels Nelsen, a unique Oldtimer and gold miner and trapper. He lives by Iliamna Lake and is always protecting his privacy and history.

She is the only pilot that Nels will allow to fly his gold to a special assayer in Anchorage.

Soon an unexpected event occurs that will forever change her life.

The Oldtimer turns out to be far more interesting than any typical Alaskan gold prospector!

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Corky and the Alaskan Quake, A Suspense Novel

Corky Corcoran, a lady Alaska Bush pilot, flies a medical team in cold gusty weather to a remote village and later rescues stranded illegal hunters before they are trapped by a blizzard.

As busy as she is, Corky has to plan out what to do with her many gold claims.

After the second strongest earthquake in written history shakes Alaska and the world, Corky and Mark are the first pilots to report the damage of the Kachemak Bay and Seldovia areas. Everyone's life has been effected.

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Corky and the Alaskan Gold Digger, A Suspense Novel

Alaskan gold can occur in many ways: as a shiny nugget, or as a reward for helping others!

Corky finds gold by using flying a heavy welding unit to the tsunami damaged City of Kodiak as she deals with a Pacific storm!

A new pilot didn't follow the cardinal rules of Alaska flying and crashes his plane on a remote lake during sub-zero weather. Everyone is suffering from hypothermia and needs to be rescued.

Did Carver find his gold?

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