Five Star Reviews for "Corky and the Alaskan Quake"

The following reviews are for the Kindle edition of "Corky and the Alaskan Quake, . . ."

5.0 out of 5 stars 'Corky's Amazing Adventures", November 8, 2014 By Peggy H Falknor

"This is a great read. It is full of adventure and suspense and the reader gets an in-depth look at the challenges of a bush pilot and the incredibly complex skills demanded of the job. Corky is a master of it all. She is calm, cool, smart, wise, humorous, brave and lovable, not only in this book but in the first and second of this series as well. Having visited Homer and the surrounding areas make it a treasure to read. Bill really captures the beauty and grace of the land and of the Alaskan people. Anxiously awaiting the next book."


The following reviews are for the printed edition of "Corky and the Alaskan Quake, . . ." posted at

5.0 out of 5 stars Duane B. Perk Posted: October 28, 2014

"This is a great story it keeps you in the story all the way . Great the way Bill put it together. I went to high school with Bill and I never knew I was going to know a great author like this. I thought all 3 books were some of the best I have read, don't miss out. This and the others are great stories to read. The story fits right in with the earth quake in 1964 so don't miss it! Well worth the time!"

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